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I haven’t written much throughout watching Season 2 of Star Trek: TNG but that’s mainly because there were no specific earth shattering ideas to discuss.  However, Season 2 stood head and shoulders above Season 1…plots started to thicken, character dynamics improved, and the stories got better and better.  They also touched on some deep philosophies, like determining whether Data had a soul (“Measure of a Man”) and emphasizing the value of life, no matter how different.  Here’s some summary points.


  • Geordi is still my favorite, and it’s nice to see him have a defined role, a niche.  He’s perfect for the part of engineer.
  • Worf is the perfect security officer.  Nuff said.
  • Ensign Crusher is much less annoying.
  • I was a huge fan of Dr. Pulaski (and I discovered the actress who played her, Diana Muldaur, also played key roles in a couple episodes of the original series…too cool).  Though with her only playing one season, let me tell you how hard it was to find a picture of the season 2 cast…
  • New set…10 Forward bar with Whoopi added a very valuable dynamic


  • The Q still creeps me out
  • The Borg REALLY creeps me out
  • The last episode of the season was an epic fail.  The entire thing was made up from scenes of previous episodes, which just looks lazy.

To be fair, I did some research on the wiki to determine why the last episode was such a cop out and turns out it was due to a writers strike.  Ah, well.  Would have been nice to see them finish strong.

As a side note, I’ve watched one episode of Season 3 and it’s definitely very good and another step up…but Dr. Crusher is back and acting as a mom to Wesley.  It’s annoying.  I sure hope she gets better…

Started Season 2 and while I can’t say it’s vastly different than the end of Season 1, there are some obvious changes, mostly good:

  • Dr. Crusher has moved on and was replaced by Dr. Pulaski.  Better acting, but as far as major differences, meh.  Whatever.
  • Worf is still security officer, where he belongs, but has a fancy new sash.  Guess the other one was a little low budget and they splurged on a new one when the show was renewed.
  • Uniforms have changed.  Top commanders are still red, other officers are a mustard and the medical staff now has blue uniforms.  Good changes, I’m a fan.
  • Riker has a beard, which I believe he keeps for the rest of the series, considering that’s kind of his trademark.
  • Counselor Troi looks as good as ever, except for the weird pregnancy thing.
  • Speaking of that, at least the first episode had a very definite dual-plot thing going on…wonder if this is part of the attempt at more complex plots.

Still very good and getting better.  Plus, Justin is LOVING it, which makes me happy…though I did realize last night that I was his age when this first came out.  Cool thought.  Onward and upward…

After a marathon Star Trek weekend with my 9 yr old, Justin, I have completed Season 1 of Star Trek: The Next Generation.  As my friend James warned, the season definitely got off to a rocky start.  I guess it could be expected as characters had to be defined, a new ship had to be introduced (as well as new technologies, like the holodeck) and cast dynamics were figured out.  But I admit that about halfway through the season I finally started really enjoying it.   Keep reading for my totally biased opinion.

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Watching episode 23, “Skin of Evil”, and (spoiler alert), Lieutenant Yar has been killed, making her the first regular character to die during the series (not that I minded). However, I can’t help but think the final scene looks an awful lot like the default Windows XP wallpaper, “Bliss”:

I read an article about a month ago called Losing Your Star Trek Virginity. I was attracted to the article both because of the author’s experience (he, the geek, had never watched it but his wife, the non-geek had) and because I embarked on a similiar journey about a year before.

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Was watching an episode from Season 1 of Star Trek:The Next Generation (episode 6, “Where No One Has Gone Before”) and saw something that caught my eye. Maybe it’s just me, but that looks a whole lot like the what was the source of the recent holiday craze, “The Snuggie”. FYI, this episode first aired on October 26, 1987…almost 23 years ago!

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