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I was recently asked by a reader to elaborate a bit on barcodes and the bardcode scanner I implemented with the Kitchen PC. And yes, I said “asked by a reader” because it makes me sound like I have way more readers than the two that actually follow this blog (and neither of them are my wife…it’s just too over the top geek for her). Regardless, here’s some info on how we use the kitchen scanner, as well as some other fun information on barcodes

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The iKitchen PC – Part 1 < --Read Me First!

Like I said, I used Windows 7 Gadgets for the interface. I created most of my own with the iPhone style icons, then added a couple other Gadgets on the right like WeatherBug. Nice thing is I can combine my own Gadgets with the thousands of other Gadgets out there people have created. The gadgets I created are available to anyone who wants them. Info on creating your own gadgets (and much of the original code) was taken from this post:

Original iKitchen Gadget Thread

These are just details about the kitchen pc…software, applications, etc. More for reference than anything.
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Inspired by the “original” (I think?) iPhone Kitchen PC, I have now completed my own: a touchscreen, cabinet undermount PC to handle all the tasks I could think of in the kitchen. While I hate the “look at me!” aspect of this post, I admit that there is an element of pride in my final result, as well as several things I found to work very well. ┬áSo click through to read about the build!
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