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We haven’t had cable for a while, and I get a lot of questions about how we still have so much TV to watch. The answer is a high-def antenna and Hulu Plus.  Previously, it was invitation only for testing purposes, but I was able to nab one and we’ve been using it for a few months now.  Basically, it’s the same thing as Hulu, but by paying a subscription fee you get access to more episodes (like all 8 seasons of a show instead of the current season or just the last few episodes) and you can watch most of the content in HD…which is a must when you’re using it on your living room TV as your main source of content.

As of today, it’s now available to the public and they dropped the price to $7.99 a month!   I encourage everyone to try it because it’s a heckuva lot better than paying $60+ a month for cable or satellite and we really never run out of content.  Lisa even gets her HGTV shows!

If you’d like to try, you can use this link here to get 2 free weeks (and I get 2 free weeks as well, in the interest of full disclosure).  But I totally think it’s worth every penny!

UPDATE 1/22/11: Link was broken but should work now.  Sorry!

While it would be kind of weird to call a heart rate app my “favorite” app, I will admit I think it’s the most creative app I’ve ever downloaded.  First were the racing games that you steered by just moving the phone.  Then the dice games where you rolled dice by shaking the phone.  Now, a heart rate monitor that uses the camera to measure heart rate.  That’s right!

Free app “Instant Heart Rate” is available on the Android market (and app market for you Apple fanboys) for FREE.  Yes.  And you can even turn off the ads.  You then open the app and, using the LED flash to light your finger while placed over the camera, measures your pulse pretty darn accurately if you ask me.  Lisa and I tried it and it effectively jumped way up for her pulse, as would be expected based on her medicine, then back down for mine.  Also matched her manual measurements.  Nice.

I think my favorite thing about this is that it uses the technology to do something USEFUL.  It’s this kind of ingenuity that I like donating money toward.  And yes, I will be making a donation because 1) the developer doesn’t blatently ask for it or plaster the app and his website with download links, 2) because it works, and 3) this kind of forward thinking deserves reward.

Nicely done.  Very nicely done.

labyrinthine circuit board lines

Sometimes the most useful tools are not the most elaborate tools.  So it is with one of my favorite little software programs ever.

I do a lot of remote work on our computers…our file server, HTPC, and kitchen pc all do not have a normal keyboard and mouse, and the file server doesn’t even have a monitor.  This means I spend a lot of time remotely controlling these computers when it’s time for updates or whatnot.

One of my biggest frustrations is not being able to see what the hard drive light is doing.  Did the button I just clicked do anything?  Why’s the computer so slow?  Is something running in the background?  Enter one of my favorite tools, DiskLED.

DiskLED is a simple little program that puts a flashing icon down in the system tray.  You can set it to use any number of system variables, but I just like the basic on/off of the hard drive light:

Incredibly useful and I have it on all of my pcs I use remotely.  I even put it on PC’s I’m troubleshooting so I don’t have to strain to see the case.  Highly recommended.  Best part?  It’s FREE!

Let me start out by saying this post is in no way influenced by Carbonite itself.  I’m not getting anything for writing this, and chances are they’ll never see it.  Nevertheless, I feel the need to write it.

My mother needed a new laptop and who else would she enlist to help but her geek son.  Like most tech savy sons, I’ve been acting as her IT guy since about the 6th grade and continue to provide her support as needed (though the calls have dropped as she admittadly is getting a little techy herself…I’m so proud!).  She’s coming to visit this weekend and decided it’d be a great time for me to be able to set up a new laptop for her and transfer her files.

We landed a deal at Costco on Tuesday night on a Dell laptop with a Core-i3…better price than I’d seen and she approved the purchase.  I wanted to have it all set up for her when she got here but there was one problem: she’s in Indiana, I’m in Arizona.  That’s where Carbonite steps in.

She purchased a subscription to Carbonite a while back all on her own…she heard the commercials and decided she needed all her pictures (among other things) backed up.  She even set it up on her own and it’s been backing up ever since.  So when it came time to set up her laptop I decided to check it out and see if it could shorten the distance between machines.

With her permission, I logged into her online account, told it I was switching computers, picked the files I wanted to restore (some of them were specific to her old laptop) and clicked “Restore”.  Software installed, account switched over, and the files started downloading to the new locations I’d set up.  It was that easy!  Better yet, Carbonite freezes the backup when you start restoring, which means I didn’t have to worry about my mom’s old laptop starting to backup files while I was in the middle of it.

In summary, I was blown away at how easy it was to use while still providing access to advanced features like file versioning and individual file selection.  At $54.95 a year for unlimited space, it really is a bargain…after all, isn’t your data worth $5 a month? 🙂

I was recently asked by a reader to elaborate a bit on barcodes and the bardcode scanner I implemented with the Kitchen PC. And yes, I said “asked by a reader” because it makes me sound like I have way more readers than the two that actually follow this blog (and neither of them are my wife…it’s just too over the top geek for her). Regardless, here’s some info on how we use the kitchen scanner, as well as some other fun information on barcodes

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This guy is AMAZING. I’ve watched this video like 5 times now…and this is, in fact, what inspired me to build the new file-server, though my skills are no match for his. If you’ve got 10 minutes to spare, enjoy computers, and enjoy building stuff, I recommend clicking through to the Tube and watching in high def, full screen. Mad Skillz, he has.

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